Working with the Barons Medical Consulting (BMC) team means access to its unique Clinical Research Organization Services, supported by the global network of the Trajan Scientific and Medical group of companies.

Elpis Barons
Ms Elpis Barons

Director, Barons Medical Consulting
CEO Trajan Accelerator Group, Trajan Scientific and Medical
BSc (Immun&Biochem), Monash, Australia

Elpis Barons wears two hats, one for Barons Medical Consulting, and one for Trajan Scientific and Medical.

As Director of BMC, she provides clinical research consulting services to international medical technology organizations, device manufacturers and suppliers.

As CEO of Trajan’s Accelerator Group, she leads the identification of start-ups aligned with Trajan’s technology direction, and integrating them into the organization to provide long-term development support.

Ms Barons has also overseen human clinical trials and studies for medical device start-ups, and undertaken cardiovascular research at the Baker Medical Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia, and Institute of Atherosclerosis Research, University of Siena, Italy which contributes to her breadth of expertise in both commercial and clinical settings.

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